“I see the youth that we serve, and I am amazed at their resourcefulness and innate talent and ability. I am so grateful that they have arrived at LAYN where they will find support and encouragement. And a path to a healthy, engaging life.”

Founded in 1985, LAYN has grown dramatically from our initial purpose of providing emergency services to youth who were living on the streets. Today, we provide housing, mental health services, education, workforce development and life skills to runaway, homeless and foster youth between the ages of 12-21.

Many of the youth we serve have experienced emotional, physical or sexual abuse, or have been neglected or abandoned by their caregiver(s). Most reports indicate that approximately 40 percent of homeless youth identify with the LGBTQ community. In fact, LAYN serves about 35 percent of LGBTQ youth.

Buckhantz continued, “The Foundation is committed to working to effect positive change in culturally sensitive communities and we are so proud to support the important work of LAYN.”

So, as we continue to celebrate Pride Month, we want to thank The Vladimir & Araxia Buckhantz Foundation for their long-standing commitment to LAYN. This important partnership and their annual donation helps ensure LAYN is a respectful, safe, diverse and welcoming environment.  


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