For youth whose histories of trauma have driven them to the streets or placed them in the foster care system, LAYN is there to help and empower them. We provide the support that often has alluded them. Beyond the basics of shelter, food, and clothing, we give our youth the tools and mindset they need to imagine positive futures. We inspire each youth to realize their academic potential, to identify their career aspirations, and advocate for themselves. The young people we serve are our most important partners.

As our most important partners, we place them at the center of what we do. Since our founding in 1985, we have proven the value of a comprehensive model of care that places youth at the center of direct service. Our actions and our evolution have illustrated our vision: that every youth deserves permanency – a safe, stable home and a connection to others who will support their needs, advocate for their future, and help them negotiate the challenges of daily life.

What We Do