LAYN’s Aftercare Permanency Program offers continued support services to youth after they leave our housing. Case managers, volunteers and the Child Family Teams that our youth develop while in shelter help them continue the goal-setting that defines our programming. We help exiting and former residents:

  • Case management services;
  • Create a household budget based on current income;
  • Find safe, affordable housing in the community;
  • Access mental health services and substance abuse counseling;
  • Access family counseling services;
  • Continue to identify and realize objectives for educational attainment;
  • Continue their career development and secure job placements; and
  • Connect with other services such as transportation, childcare, etc.

We also facilitate a peer-to-peer support system through monthly gatherings and other social events for all our Aftercare youth. These activities inspire them both to continue their goal-planning and to maintain their permanent connections to family members and friends who support them.

At LAYN we know that without comprehensive interventions that have a long-term positive impact, these your people will be part of an adult population that continues to struggle, at great risk to themselves and the community at-large.