The Los Angeles Youth Network’s education program provides multiple traditional and non-traditional educational opportunities for our youth to obtain a high school and post-secondary education. The education program ensures our youth are enrolled in school within three days of intake either in their school of origin, a local school, or our own LAYN High School.

Experts in the field of youth homelessness agree that promoting youth educational attainment is the best way to help them avoid a future of poverty, criminality, unemployment, or ongoing chronic homelessness. Many transient youth have a positive attitude toward school – often because it is the place they associate with nourishment and with caring, dependable adults. In every case, an individual’s education goals feed into their longer term career aspirations.

LAYN High School

In partnership with Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), serves no more than 20 students at a time. The school’s small enrollment allows for individualized teaching and learning, and the curriculum incorporates weekly character education and creative arts exercises conducted by our Creative Arts Therapist. The LAUSD teacher assigned to the school is fully trained in trauma-informed care, which is the evidence-based approach we take in all our programs and services. LAYN staff is on-site all day to assist the teacher. At the LAYN High School, our youth can earn credits at an accelerated rate, and as they do, they receive mentoring that encourages them to continue their academic pursuits after they have earned their high school diploma or GED. Each youth’s permanency plan includes a section that outlines their educational goals that ultimately support their career aspirations.

Career/Job Development

Youth career goals are supported by a robust Workplace Development Curriculum. The Workforce Development Curriculum is being piloted by LAYN, four other youth-serving agencies, and the Workplace Center at Columbia University. The 23-module curriculum covers all aspects of workforce readiness while acknowledging the impact of trauma on brain development and the behavioral skills needed to pursue a job search and cultivate a career.

EducationCareer Development
LAYN’s Education program seeks to identify and eliminate barriers to academic growth, provide concrete support and advocacy for the educational rights of homeless youth along with helping them establish and achieve realistic academic goals. LAYN’s Career Development Program ensures that youth are provided the tools needed to gain a livable wage. This training program offers a variety of opportunities to gain skills that will contribute to youth’s employability and workplace competence.
  • School enrollment
  • Tutoring
  • SAT Preparation
  • Mentoring
  • College application submissions
  • College tours
  • Financial aid and scholarship application assistance
  • GED programs
  • Traditional and alternative study options
  • Credit recovery and transcript retrieval
  • Paid internships
  • Job readiness training and workshops
  • Resume assistance
  • Interview preparation
  • Long-term career planning